Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's Grymn out there.

Hello again.

This week has been a a complete write off due to a complete lack of sleep so there won't be any hobby content today because there hasn't been any hobby going on at home for me.

So... when I am tired I plonk down at the computer and browse the interweb and this week a few Hasslefree related things happened.

First, is the Kickstarter.

Lots of fantasy stuff and different versions of a number of miniatures which basically equates to nude, glamour and toasty warm. Not my genre and not my taste but I thought I'd share anyway.

The thing is that, in a conversation on Facebook, it would appear that Kev has decided that he needed a 'pallette cleanser' to work on during the Kickstarter so will be trying to get these Grymn finished (or some very much like them):

Click the Pic!

Add to this news that he also mentioned that he was thinking of replacing all of the existing Grymn armour with something similar it could be the start of something great...

... assuming Kev can keep the momentum going on this idea. Only time will tell (you all know the fickle nature of muses... I've told you about it enough).

He also mentioned that he may have a way of getting the alternative Walker arms sorted out and put into production (they will have hands and weapons rather than just weapons); which will be great news for my Walker platoon that has been sat, unassembled in a box for a few years waiting for these new arms to appear.

So what better way to fire up my enthusiasm for the little chaps again? I have so many Grymn projects on the go that I could be here all day posting pictures so instead, heres just a few of the bare metal miniatures I have (mostly allocated to my New Model Army):

Click the Pix!

Unfortunately, with things being so up in the air at the moment, I can't really start too much because of the imminent move... but I can let my mind wander and see what it comes up with.

That's about it for now.

See you from the Grymn homeworlds!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Travels and reflection.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

Today is the 11th September and it immediately makes me think of what happened in the US fifteen years ago; namely the terrorist attack on the twin towers, the pentagon and what followed.

At the time, I was away from home; staying in a hotel whilst I was travelling to and from a Merlin Helicopter course. During the day, details were sketchy and we had no real idea of the severity of what had happened. When we returned to the hotel in the evening of the 11th, there was a sombre atmosphere and the screens behind the bar were showing the events of the day. The first Images I saw were of the second tower coming down, followed by replays of the pair of them falling.

I was immediately struck silent before the barmaid said to me how terrible it was. My response was "we're going to war".

The events of that tragic day began a chain that has ended up where we are today in 'the war on terror'.

The cost of what happened on that day goes so much further than the lives lost in the towers, the surrounding streets, the Pentagon and in a field on the way, when passengers bravely brought down their own aircraft. It goes further than the emergency crews that lost their lives. It goes further than the trauma that lives in those people as a result of what happened in those dark hours and the aftermath.

It is an event that should be remembered as a remembrance for those who died, those who have been traumatised as a result and the fact that from that one single act, the world changed.


Today, I read a small Facebook post from a woman who has cancer. I have been following her little posts for a long time and I think that it is very likely that the post I read, was likely to be one of her very last.

To read that she has been admitted to the hospice for the last time, had signed off her DNR (do not resucitate) form and had found time to write an emotional post reflecting on her young children, family and followers was as humbling as it was upsetting.

I wish her safe travels and my thoughts are with her and her family.


This week has been one of travels and education as well as not getting much sleep. I was having to travel into London on a daily basis to attend a Charity Management Awareness course. 

It was a very interesting course which opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of charity that I hadn't really thought about... so it has definitely started my preparation for joining in with the charity sector in the new year. 

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone thinking of taking on a higher level role in a charitable concern would be to do your homework first. There is a lot of responsibility and accountability in charity that people will not necessarily be aware of.

After a week like that, you can imagine that I have been pretty much useless in the evenings so I haven't really achieved much hobby but I will share what I have got so far... it is all to do with my alien Visitors:

The army box:

Click the Pic!

It is amazing to think that in this one little box, there are a hundred troops, eight dreadnoughts and various other spare bits and pieces. In this box, there are two more waves of Visitors (each with leader, troops and dreadnoughts), scouts and special additions.

Next we have progress on the champions and some of the MDS bases:

Click the Pic!

The picture shows both converted champions with one being a bit further along in the paint department, than the other. Neither are finished and both have a long way to go. The MDS bases show two that are ready for base coating and one that is finished. 

I could have tried to repose the second of the champions but I like the crouched position and it would have been a tricky process... so I left him as he was.

That is that for today.

See you through the sands of time!

Sunday, 4 September 2016


Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been pretty quiet due to the insomnia kicking in a bit too much. Even the medication didn't help this week so it has all been a bit of a blur.

As you can imagine, I have not really been in the frame of mind for much hobby stuff and even when I was, I made a few mistakes.

I decided that, in my infinite wisdom, I would paint the base coat on my alien champion and that it would be bright green. After looking at it when it was finished, I realised I had made a big mistake and repainted it the same blue as the rest of them. I then finished the first basecoat of the rest of the colours and it was so untidy that I stopped... and haven't restarted since.

And that... was my practical hobby time this week.

In other news, I watched a charming little film called Moonrise Kingdom... it was a little bit quirky, well cast and something that really ticked all the 'arty' boxes as well. Well worth a watch:

Sam kitten has properly settled in and has been getting a bit more play value from big Fred so there have been some properly amusing fights going on.

This coming week, I will be commuting to a "charity management awareness" course on a daily basis so I doubt that I will be in much of a mind for hobby stuff in the evenings. Still... it's another course and another bit of food for thought.

Oh... I nearly forgot. Games Workshop have started putting out White Dwarf magazine on a monthly basis again and the first issue had one of these as a freebie:

Click the Pic!

It is a Slaughter Priest and is available from HERE for the princely sum of £18!!! Seeing as White Dwarf was £5-99, I can see people buying one just for the £12 saving. I bought a copy for the sake of nostalgia and it was everything I expected it to be; a top quality, well laid out, full colour, advertising pamphlet with a few hobby articles thrown in. If GW is your thing, £5-99 for a monthly magazine of that quality and page count is not an unreasonable price. That said... most of the content can be found online in one form or another so it boils down to whether you like having a magazine or sitting in front of some form of screen.

Well... that's about it. 

See you through the haze!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Aliens are starting to arrive.

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome Ihar Krautsou as the newest follower of Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you find something that interests you as you walk around the gardens.

So... we had a bit of an update earlier this week that was all about Alien Visitors. Well, I have been hard at work converting things and have managed to complete the first Meteor Deployment System (MDS) by gluing two of the beads I got from Ebay to a Mantic Base and building them up slightly with a bit of Green-Stuff:

Click the Pic!

It's a very simple idea that will look better when painted and based. I specifically chose the Mantic bases because they have a recess that makes shaping a little crater a bit easier.

But you aren't really interested in a couple of beads glued to a base... you want to see troops. Well, you can't! You can't because I have only finished the first of the champions:

Click the Pic!

The grav sled is piloted by a psychic alien who projects a shield around them as they close with the enemy. When they get to a suitable point, the non-psychic champion leaps from the platform and smashes the living wotsits out of everything it comes into close combat with. The champion himself is just a head with various life support systems that not only keep him alive but also link him to his robotic armour. When not in battle, his remains are plugged into a different body that is more aligned to the size of the standard troops... a bit like swapping a decanter stopper from one decanter to another.

There is still a little bit of tinkering to do on this first onebut it is more or less finished. The second one is on the work bench getting a bit of TLC but is very WIP.

So... that's it for now.

See you from the ova-fields!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Alien Visitors... re-visited...

Hello again... it's not Sunday... but I just needed to put some stuff down in text form.

I posted a picture of these guys last week:

Click the Pic!

The reason being that Khurasan Miniatures recently released their new 15mm versions of them (HERE) and I immediately knew that I needed to get some for my Alien Visitors army (the leader of which is pictured above).

Talk about a bolt from the blue distraction...

... move on a few days and I have trawled through the storage case and have worked out what I would like the army to end up like and it looks like this:

1x Supreme Leader
(riding grav-sled with four honour guards)

2x Battle Champion:
(each wearing power armour riding a grav-sled piloted by a trooper)

2x Battle cohort; each with:
(Leader riding grav-sled with four honour guards)
(20x foot troops)
(4x Striders with heavy plasmaguns)

1x Battle cohort with:
(Leader riding grav-sled with four honour guards)
(20x foot troops)
(4x Striders with multi lasers)

3x Scout cohort; each with:
(10 scouts)

3x Meteor Delivery System (MDS); each with:
(10x MDS)

So far, I have completed one of the battle cohorts and the supreme leader. Battle cohort (as previously shown):

Click the Pic!

That means that I have the rest to finish.

I already have all of the troopers, leaders and champions. I have one more Eldar dreadnought on it's way to add the final components for the 8 striders required. I have placed an order for some 15mm versions to act as Scouts (I have ordered 30 and plan to put two on each 30mm base) and finally, I have ordered some plastic beads to act as MDSs (I plan on mounting a few of the beads on each base and having them act as portals).

So... when everything arrives, I will need to paint strip the dreadnought and then everything will be ready to build the rest of the army.

The only problem I can see is that I am not sure whether I have enough of the original paint left to paint them with... so I may end up having different 'clans' with different paint schemes.

But I guess I'll just have to think on it.

See you from the purple fields!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just another one of those weeks.

Welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been filled with life... the new kitten has more or less settled in, the house buying is ticking along at 'solicitor speed', our cat that had disappeared; turned up, and some of the stresses of life have caught up with us a bit... so there has been a bit of a deep breath to try and land a bit.

This week, our daughter finally moved her things out of the house so we are now a two person home. That obviously causes a lot of mixed emotions but these things have to happen for life to advance; from our perspective AND our daughter's. Definitely bitter-sweet and just another pebble in the pot of other stresses that is getting pretty full at the moment.

That said, I did complete the five Squat bodies and have got them all packed up, ready for sending off on Monday to their new home in the USA.

So... what hobby stuff have I been getting up to?

The KING OF RATS is now fully converted and is paint-in-progress. It is part way through base coating and, even now, is looking exactly as good as I expected so I reckon it will be just what I planned by the end. I just need to come up with a fitting quote for it (it is going to be a very specific diorama).

DUNCAN has begun the conversion process. I have assembled him as standard but am now adding details to spice him up and make him into a Rogue Trader type adventurer. There isn't really anything worth showing off at the moment so no pix just yet.

In the bid to finish off commissions, I have been sculpting a small Cthulhu beast (15mm) that would have been much further on, had I not packed the WIP sculpt 'SOMEWHERE' and lost it... so I had to start again. It just needs arms and legs now so that should be finished very soon.

From a practical hobby point of view, that's about it... however, there has been a shift in the Force this week and a few things have turned up that have got me enthusing.

Do you remember these? (converted Greys - Alien Visitors):

Click the Pix!

They were originally available from Tengu Miniatures but that company no longer trades. Fortunately, they were sold to CP Miniatures so you can still get hold of them... and in order to finish off the project, I have ordered another 24 this week. They will join the other unstarted miniatures in their little storage box, ready for some work in the fututure... BUT WAIT!

... there is more...

The Tengu sculptor sculpted some of these little miniatures in 15mm scale. They were sold to Khurasan Miniatures and are now available to buy. I have looked at them and think that they would fit in perfectly with my project by putting three on a 40mm base and using them as swarms. I am currently deciding how many to go for but I can safely state, there will be a bunch of 13mm tall aliens joining this force soon.

Surely there can't be more?! Well... yes there can. 

Games Workshop has decided to bring out a DROPSHIP that seems to be perfect for my Squat army. With a very small amount of tinkering, it will make a great proxy Valkyrie. With that in mind, I am almost certain to buy some:

Click the Pix!

It may involve a certain amount of reorganisation but I think these are just what I have been looking for for a very long time.

Well... that is that.

See you from the edge of eternity!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday stuff.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been pretty good from a hobby perspective. I have been properly focusing on getting my little Squat commission finished and have nearly got there... I reckon that by the end of today, I'll have all five finished but unfortunately, this pic shows that I still have the straps on the one on the right to finish:

Click the Pic!

However, I have made great progress on them and am pleased with how far I have got.

In other news, I ordered something from Fenris Games that really piqued my interest. It is something that I wouldn't normally have gone for but as soon as I saw it, I knew what I needed to do to it so I ordered it (along with another awesome miniature) and it has now arrived. I have already started working on it (it is being very slightly converted) but I am not showing it off until it is finished or it will completely spoil the big reveal. The miniature in question is this one:

... and the other miniature I ordered (because it is one I really like - and is a duplicate of one I already own) is Duncan. Here is one that I have already painted up:

Click the Pic!

I bought a second one to turn into an alien Rogue Trader (sci-fi) so watch this space (although... it may be a while before I get started on this one).

With hobby in mind, you will probably notice that I have stopped work on my Squat army for the time being. It is only a temporary pause as I take stock of things, and part of taking stock is thinking about how I can make improvements or change small things to add flavour. Well... I have been thinking a lot about transport and may be moving towards getting some super heavy transport for my two platoons; namely some Stormlords. They are big enough to hold an entire platoon, can be purchased, need minimal conversion and are single vehicles (I would need three Chimeras (or counts-as options) to transport my platoon and even then, the heavy weapon squad would have to walk) so they seem to be the ideal choice. They are also one step closer to a Squat land train so they are quite flavourful for a Squat army.

The things I think about...

See you from the vehicle manufactorium!